Stitch and Sparkle by Charlotte Liddle. Coats Crafts, 2007.

Charlotte Liddle is a young designer with some great ideas for recycling fabrics and haberdashery into little must-have ideas to add some zest and sparkle to life. From scraps of leftover fabric, beads, buttons and ribbons, she creates an exciting gallery of design ideas that can be made in no time at all. Packed with simple stitch basics, what equipment is needed, and advice on applying beads, sequins and glueing - this is a fantastic book that is packed with all the know-how needed to create gorgeous designs. Make a flower corsage, embroidered slippers, curtain tiebacks and flowery napkin holders - even little peg dolls! You can adapt the ideas with whatever you have to hand to create both personal and very special items that also make great gifts.

Stitch Divas by Charlotte Liddle & Rachel Henderson. Coats Crafts, 2009


Discover your inner designer (or the inner designer in your pre-teen daughter!) and start to make your own accessories with the help of stitch divas Rachel Henderson and Charlotte Liddle, two funky young textile designers who are making a splash on the craft scene today. With a 9-14 year old audience in mind, Rachel and Charlotte show just how easy it is to make great textile ideas and include all kinds of easy projects, from friendship bracelets to bag charms, from picture frames to ipod covers. The book is packed with good ideas  and lots  of hands-on help from their young assistants. 

Cute and Easy Quilting and Stitching by Charlotte Liddle.

Cico Books, 2011.


Beautify your home with Charlotte Liddle's 35 gorgeous projects, all using   quilting, applique and embroidery. All the projects come with clear instructions and step-by-step illustrations, so even novice stitchers will be able to make something they're really proud of. Plus, if you need to brush up on a  technique, there's a comprehensive section with all you'll need to know. 

Handmade Glamping by Charlotte Liddle and Lucy Hopping.

Cico Books, 2013.


Decorate your tent, teepee, caravan or camper van with any of the 35 stunning projects in Handmade Glamping. Using a variety of crafting techniques including knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, patchwork and applique, Charlotte Liddle and Lucy Hopping have created a wonderful range of accessories that will bring retro charm to your idyllic country getaway. Whether you fancy a quiet retreat to secluded beaches or are off to live it up at the summer festivals, you will find something to make your home away from home look stunning and feel cosy and comfortable.

Crafting For Girls by Charlotte Liddle and Friends.


Charlotte and her friends have designed 35 projects using a variety of crafting methods, so there really is something for everyone. If sewing is their thing, they can try their hand at the picture cushion – a great way to capture fun memories while creating something new. If she’s handy with knitting needles and yarn then she can make panda slippers and give them to a friend or even keep for themselves!

Pimp my Pumps by Charlotte Liddle.


Pimp my Pumps will be launched in spring 2014. It features 35 projects showing lots of different ways to up-cycle and customise your shoes. Check back later for updates of the release date.

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